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Access to Justice:
In an era of reduced resources and greatly diminished access to the justice system, who really gets access to the justice system – and why? Developed in conjunction with our Los Angeles media partners, including the Santa Monica Daily Press, we will begin a multiple-part series with a look at the “people’s court,” small claims. What happens when a community focused system gets centralized?

Celebrity Justice Roundtable:
Do high-profile celebs benefit from their status, or does it must mean they can never catch a break? Developed with our partners at WEHOville news, the panel discussion is planned for early 2014, and will be telecast in Los Angeles and available via Internet.

Lawyers Suing Lawyers:
Lawsuits against law firms are reportedly at an all-time high even as state lawmakers, many of them lawyers themselves, bemoan the industry’s “inability to self-police.”  Schedule TBA.

Perjury? So what?:
It was enough to impeach President Clinton, but in the real world perjury goes with the territory. Even when it’s noted, even when it’s obvious, not much happens. An eye-popping look at the low risk of having your own facts.

Special Report on Budget Cuts and Civil Justice Rationing
Our first special print edition offer ssome of the state’s most insightful court observers, reporters and activists, as they evaluate the “new reality” in justice funding. It ain’t pretty. Published in May 2013 and available for download here.


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