Between The Lines, The $100 Million Increase Holding On

Reading between the lines, it seems like the California budget deadline of June 15 will be met and the courts will get about $100 million more than originally proposed, which some officials have said will likely “halt the bleeding” for Los Angeles County courts but is not expected to reverse any of the cutbacks, like the closures of 10 courthouses and going from 26 landlord-dispute courtrooms to six.
The latest signs come from the wire service Reuters, which is reporting that the Assembly counter-budget proposal “… would increase funds for child care programs by $250 million and aid to poor families by $200 million. It also proposes $200 million for scholarships at state universities and more than $600 million for adult education.” That report notes that both the Assembly and state Senate propose plans would increase court funding by $100 million.
A labor lobbyist pretty much signs off on the deal. From the news service: “They [lawmakers and the governor] don’t have a lot of super-big problems compared to past years,” said Barry Broad, a lobbyist for the Teamsters and other unions in Sacramento. The story is here.